Market Wrap March 24th-30th 2018

Market Wrap March 24th-30th 2018

This week was a shortened trading week due to the Good Friday holiday.  The US markets showed a mix of gains and losses as the Dow dropped 0.61% this week to end at 24103.11. However, the S&P gained slightly for the week, rising by 0.11% before finishing at 2640.87.  This week also marks the end of the first quarter of 2018 wraps up, which saw US stock markets suffer their worst quarter in years due to a combination of fears over inflation and trade policy.

Key Highlights:

-The price of crude oil has made modest gains, to $64 a barrel.

-Facebook is still reeling from recent negative publicity concerning the Cambridge Analytica scandal, suffering a drop of more than 15% this week.

-US markets remain volatile, including tech stocks which got hammered hard as well.

-There are hopes that the new quarter will get off to a better start for equities, as $400 billion in dividends are set to be released in April.