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We help business owners save money, reduce costs, and offer benefits through our managed 401(k) solution.

A collaboration that makes sense:


Wahdy Capital has partnered with Betterment 401(k) to provide an easy, scalable, and low cost solutions to businesses. We simplify the process, design a plan around your needs, and give you the support you need.

A simpler way for employees & owners to build wealth

Our platform makes it simple for employees and owners to save and grow their wealth. They can link outside accounts, get retirement advice, and take advantage of automated tax-savings strategies.

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Lower costs & fewer hassles

Our pricing plan is scalable and is a fraction of the cost of other providers. We also provide fiduciary and administrative support at no extra charge.

Integrate seamlessly

In addition to providing a seamless dashboard and retirement solutions, we integrate with the following payroll providers and more:

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Learn more about how we work with business owners to figure out, implement, and manage 401(k) solutions that make sense.

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