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Borsa Indices

Wahdy Capital's Borsa Indices are lists of stocks, sukuk, and preferred shares that pass our halal investing criteria. We maintain these lists in a downloadable excel file and publish them quarterly for community members and clients. Individual investors can utilize these lists to find opportunities, analyze investments, or build their own portfolios.


Alternatively, they may hire us to manage their capital through our managed strategies and automated investing options.

Borsa Global Equities

Borsa Global Equities Index is a list of publicly traded stocks that are filtered through our halal criteria and are available to invest in from practically any brokerage accounts.


Borsa Global Sukuk

Borsa Global Sukuk Index is a list of US dollar sukuk (Islamic bonds and money market securities). Accessing the sukuk market is limited, and we recommend interested investors to contact us or their fixed income broker to help them purchase the sukuk available on the list. Alternatively, Wahdy Capital offers managed sukuk portfolios, which are an easier way to access these investments.

Borsa Sukuk.png

Borsa Global Preferreds

Borsa Global Preferreds Index is a list of USD preferred shares that meet our Islamic criteria and are available for investors through various brokerage accounts. Investors can utilize this list to find preferred shares to buy or can utilize our managed portfolios, which aims to beat the average yield of this index.

Borsa preferreds.png
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