Wahdy Capital is an investment manager based in San Francisco, California.

  • Our mission is to generate leading returns for our investors through various market conditions.

  • We specialize in technology sectors and long/short equity investing, manage strategies on behalf of investors, and provide strategic advice to clients.

  • Our style of investing is rooted in deep fundamental analysis, where we focus on the idiosyncratic return opportunities. We consider macro and factor dynamics, but generally seek companies with strong management teams and a durable moat that have a clear path to success.

  • One of our greatest advantages is our investor base of ex-professionals, executives, strategic investors, and individuals who are aligned with our investment focus and participate by providing feedback and connect us with resources.

If you are interested in learning more about our investment strategies or advisory services, please contact us directly at contact@wahdycapital.com.

Our Team

Muhammad Wahdy is the Portfolio Manager and CEO of Wahdy Capital and has 10+ years of experience investing across public equities, managing investment strategies, and advising clients. Connect with him on LinkedIn or via email.

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