Wahdy Capital is an investment manager based in San Francisco, California.

  • We specialize in technology and long/short equity investing, manage strategies on behalf of investors, and provide strategic advice to clients.

  • Our style of investing is primarily equity relative value, where our opportunity toolkit revolves around the earnings calendar. Investors and trade can benefit from our perspective, which is a mosaic built upon a base of fundamental equity research.

We have paid substack where we share our research, trading ideas, and deeper access to our analysts. For investors and traders interested in accessing our models and original notes, we offer an advance tier of substack that grants access to our Notion site.

Our Team

Wahdy Capital was founded by Muhammad Wahdy in 2015.

Muhammad Wahdy is the Portfolio Manager and CEO of Wahdy Capital and has 10+ years of experience investing across public equities, managing investment strategies, and advising clients. Connect with him on LinkedIn or via email.

What do we publish on substack?

  • Investment Memos: (Paid) every Monday we publish upcoming earnings reviews, highlight the ones we are most interested in, and provide additional context.

  • Desk Notes: (always free) every Wednesday we publish educational commentary or discussions about topics regarding investing, technology, the economic environment, and such.

  • Surveillance Notes: (Paid) Friday we publish surveillance on the industries we cover, including comp sheets, list of recent earnings previews and reviews, and recent news.

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Wahdy Capital is an independent asset manager based in San Francisco that specializes in growth and long/short equity investing. We provide investment strategies to accredited investors and publish a newsletter accessible to everyone.


Muhammad Wahdy

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